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Within every man & woman is a force that directs and controls the entire course of life.  Properly used, it can heal every affliction and aliment we may have.

- Israel Regardie

Are you ready to go

Across The Threshold


Are you willing to transverse the cosmos unraveling the mystery, while activating & optimizing your sacred system along the way?

Are you willing to look at & disconnect the necrotic coding & address the shadow programing that causes dis.ease & prevents one from fullfilling their SacredMISSION?

Are you ready to do what is necessary to nurture your vibration & emanate the harmonics of a new paradigm?

Are you ready to look at the aspects of the zodiac, celestial bodies & stellar systems that aid & hinder your progress?.

Are you willing to look at the contracts & codex that affects your path, your wisdom, your mission & your service to humanity? 

Are you willing to walk 

Across the threshold?


Welcome to an experience of embodiment

You are invited to become a co-creator of your life and recalibrate your frequency to match the most high vibration of your soul essence

This is where total emanation occurs on a soul cellular level, where you are holistically honored mind, body & spirit


This is SacredSPACE 
to nurture your becoming


A cosmically aligned journey designed to heal & activate  every aspect of your sacred body

If you are committed to nurturing higher channels of embodiment and walking the path of SacredPUPOSE,

then the time is now
for you to take the next step of
your evolution